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I am Sim Ngezahayo.

My language professional career spans two decades. Over the years, I have learned extensive linguistic skill sets and applied them to assist my clients globally. I share language insights into building and managing your niche as a language professional. As a senior business executive, I help scaling businesses to expand their markets and internationalize their brands.

If you are looking to taking your career to the next level with no hassle, my book Essentials of Career Management for Language Professionals is for you!

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 Sim Ngezahayo

Author, Business Executive, Multilingual Specialist

Essentials of Career Management FOR LANGUAGE PROFESSIONALS

A Blueprint for Mastering your Career and Leading a Healthy Work-Life Balance

For years, the language industry has been known for its daunting demands. Language professionals work so hard to boost their financial value. Nonetheless, most of us find ourselves struggling to build successful careers and attain timely success. For most of us, the clock is always ticking so much that we race to secure enough investment portfolios before we retire, and we forget about work-life balance.

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I offer tailored, industry-leading language operation-related insights designed to help you build your career, scale your business, and internationalize your brands.